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Chapter 09: In Everything, I Have the Final Say

Catching the fleeting contempt in her eyes, Gu Yanhao laughed out loud instead of getting angry.

He pinched Song Wuyou’s chin, eyes glistened with cold lights as he said, “Song Wuyou, you used to think of every method to climb up my bed. Now, the chance is right before your eyes, aren’t you going to cherish it?”


Song Wuyou cursed inside her heart. But on the surface, she smiled sweetly at Gu Yanhao, “I’d love too. But, unfortunately, I have just miscarried. My body doesn’t allow it.”


Song Wuyou’s smile was dripping honey yet her tone was frigid. She looked up, and a slender hand caressed Gu Yanhao’s chest, “Gu Yanhao, do you desire it?”

Her actions were sultry and alluring.

Gu Yanhao looked at the hand that was drawing little circles on his chest.

That hand of her was fair, soft with long slender fingers; a beautiful hand.

The intensity used in her fingers was just right, aggravating his clouded mind.

His gaze shifted towards her naked body glistening in the water. Soft, and those rounded curves were very enticing. Gu Yanhao’s eyes became dark with desire.

Scorching heat surged up his lower abdomen.

But, Gu Yanhao hated this kind of sensation. His eyes suddenly turned cold as he slapped away Song Wuyou’s hand, and he got out from the bathtub.

“One minute. Get your arse out of here!” Gu Yanhao cold voice spat out this order before he turned around and left the bathroom.

Song Wuyou got up slowly, supporting herself by holding onto the edge of the tub while her brows were wrinkled up together: ’Why is this body so weak?’

In her previous life, she had joined the army in disguise and was on the battlefield for more than a decade. Her martial art skills were top class. But now, this body was so weak that she could not even balance herself after a slip?

Song Wuyou grinded her teeth. She got out from the bath tub and grabbed the sleeping robe from the shelf.

Without putting on any slippers, she walked out of the bathroom.

By the time she walked out, Gu Yanhao had already stripped off the wet clothes that were clinging onto his body and put on a navy blue sleeping robe. Sitting on the sofa in a lazy demeanor, he waited for Song Wuyou to come out.

The man’s sharp eyes swept across the pair of bare feet. Knowing full well that she just had had a miscarriage, did she not know how to put on slippers? Was she not afraid of catching a cold?

Song Wuyou walked to the bed. She picked up a towel and wrapped it around her wet hair, before gently sat on a corner of the bed.

Smiling faintly, she looked at Gu Yanhao.

An eyebrow rose up to his forehead. Her smiling expression, why did it look so brilliant and dignified?

A straight posture as she sat there with both of her hands placed flat on her own thighs in a perfectly refined manner, just like those Imperial Consorts in historical dramas on television….

The corner of Gu Yanhao’s mouth curved in a mocking sneer. This woman truly did know how to pretend.

“Other than the company’s share, I can give you whatever you want as long as you agree to sign.”

Song Wuyou’s heart sank hearing this. He was so eager to get rid of her?

“You can give me anything I want?” She smiled dazzlingly, looking unperturbed.

“En,” watching her dazzling smile, Gu Yanhao’s mood grew sullen.

“I want your heart. Can you give it to me?”

“Song Wuyou!” Gu Yanhao’s eyes burned with anger.

“Excuse me,” Song Wuyou paused and smiled, “other than the Gu Group’s share, I don’t want anything else.”

“You want the Gu Group’s share? Dream on!”

“Then I can’t sign the divorce agreement.”

Gu Yanhao sneered, “Whether you sign or not, this divorce is set. There are many people who knows how to sign your name.”

Song Wuyou’s eyes narrowed, “You want to forge my signature?”

“I already said I have my methods.”

“A false signature is invalid.”

“Valid or otherwise, is not determined by you. Everything in M City, I, have the final say.”


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