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Chapter 256: Slut! Turncoat!

“Stop daydreaming! That event will be overflowing with gorgeous young women, who knows who Eldest Young Master Cheng will choose.”

“I don’t care. I will definitely dress myself up beautifully on that day!”

It wasn’t until the two women were done with their business and left the place that Song Jiuyue came out from the toilet cubicle. Washing her hands in front of the sink, she raised her head to look at herself in the mirror. The two women’s conversation echoed repeatedly in her ears. Cheng Junhua is looking for a woman for marriage?

The First Lady?

Song Jiuyue’s eyes narrowed. If one day she became the First Lady, could she stomp Song Wuyou down? Recalling the scene of herself kneeling in front of Song Wuyou, even her submission did not move Song Wuyou to ask Gu Yanhao to help her mother. A strong feeling of hate swirled in her heart.

“I will absolutely repay this humiliation back in double!” Song Jiuyue said to the her reflection, gritting her teeth with hate.

She composed herself, fixed her hair, and touched up her makeup before returning to the party.

The initially lively party was unusually quiet. Everyone was actually looking or gathering toward a certain spot. Song Jiuyue walked up to the front to find that everyone was actually enjoying Song Wuyou playing the zither.  She was sitting behind an antique looking zither, her slender fingers dancing agilely amongst the strings with a soft elegant smile on her face and her eyes lowered, looking at the zither, her appearance both natural and composed.  The zither’s clear melody lingered as if it possessed a soul, resonating within everyone’s heart. The guests wore intoxicated expressions on their faces, forgetting themselves in the tune.

Gu Yanhao stood in the front on the right side, nursing a glass of red wine in his hand and with an inexplicable smile on his face as he watched Song Wuyou. The curve of his lips was extremely sexy and bewitching. The gaze in his eyes while looking at that person was full of gentleness and unquantifiable doting.

Cheng Junhua was standing behind Gu Yanhao but in close proximity to him.His demeanour was persistently cold and unfathomable, and he, too, was watching Song Wuyou.

Mu Xin was watching Song Wuyou with such overflowing adoration that stars seemed to shine from her eyes. A genuine beauty with talent ah! Great at designing, skillful at playing the zither, and on top of everything else, that noble elegant beauty. In Mu Xin’s heart, Song Wuyou was comparable to the moon and stars high up in the sky.

This scene added fuel to the raging fire of jealousy inside Song Jiuyue. From every angle she looked was admiration and adoration thrown in Song Wuyou’s direction, making her feel like walking up and tearing off that hypocritical face of hers, but she could only glared ferociously at Song Wuyou in secret and cursed inwardly: Slut!

At the end of one song, Song Wuyou rose in an elegant manners.

Mrs. Jier approached Song Wuyou, “Wuyou, you played really well. I didn’t know that you also know how to play the zither. That Young Master Gu could marry you is truly his blessing,.” Generous with her praises, she smiled at Song Wuyou.

“You’re overpraising me,” Song Wuyou replied with a faint smile, unaffected.

“Sister Wuyou, can you teach me zither when you have the time?” Mu Xin followed behind Mrs. Jier with a bright smile on her face and a pair of eyes shining with anticipation.

Song Wuyou smiled back at Mu Xin: “Can.”

Song Jiuyue snorted as she watched Mu Xin fawning over Song Wuyou in that manner: Turncoat! Then her eyes observed Cheng Junhua. From her perspective, it seemed Cheng Junhua was slightly unhappy, keeping his cold eyes on Song Wuyou, even throwing his head back and finishing the liquor in one gulp.

Song Jiuyue was slightly shocked. Why were Cheng Junhua’s eyes so cold as he looked at Song Wuyou? And so unhappy at the same time?

Could it be, he also likes Song Wuyou? Is it because Song Wuyou is Mrs. Gu that he’s unhappy?

Cannot be!

If Cheng Junhua also likes Song Wuyou, then her only hope to save Mrs. Song is doomed!

Song Jiuyue grabbed two glasses of wine from a passing waiter and sashayed toward Cheng Junhua, standing right in front of him, blocking his view with a sweet alluring smile, “Young Master Cheng, can I make a toast to you?”


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