Chapter 61.2

Today was the first day I started driving, I drove like 50 meters straight and then reversed for 50 meters, neverthless, that was the most terrifying experience of my life. The 7 year old me had thought that driving is like mario kart, i can now confirm, it is not like mario kart.

me don’t wanna drive.



“I won’t go. I’m a bit tired, send me back.” When Mo Zhen finished talking, he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. After a day of shooting scenes, he had tossed for so long at the awards ceremony. Finally, he had to spend a half an hour playing tai chi. He was really tired.

(TN: playing tai-chi as in dodging questions)

  He didn’t know if Li Yan had arrived home already.

  Tang Qiang looked at the tired face of the person next to him, his mouth twitching as he started the engine of the car. It was a little after eleven o’clock and there weren’t many cars on the road; the city cloaked under darkness didn’t have the same busy noisiness as it did during the day. It was as quiet as a dignified lady.

  Tang Qiang drove the car quietly. He tried to resist during the car ride but could no longer hold himself back, “Mo Zhen, why did you say that on the red carpet today?”

  The person next to him was silent for a moment before saying, “Why not?” His voice was very low, carrying the same calmness as the night scene surrounding them.

  Tang Qiang laughed loudly. Mo Zhen, this person, will never do something without a reason behind it, “Do you know that the company has stated that you can’t fall in love?”

  ”Did I say I’m in love?”

  ”Is there a difference?” Tang Qiang was still a little angry. In most situations, he would consider Mo Zhen’s temper and let it pass. However, this matter had touched his bottom line. “The company will definitely speak to you about this later. It’s better to think ahead in advance.”

  Mo Zhen remained silent with his eyes closed.

  Tang Qiang took a glance at him, and continued: “You’re at the peak of your popularity right now, the company will not allow you to get married.” He used the word marriage directly. Mo Zhen had already confessed on the red carpet, so he could now understand what Mo Zhen meant when he said he was serious before.

  ”I’ll negotiate with the company later. You don’t have to worry about it.”

  ”Ha!” A sneer came from Tang Qiang’s heart. “What about Li Yan? Have you ever asked her for her opinion? Would she want your relationship to go public? Could you guarantee that your fans will accept the news calmly?”

  Mo Zhen’s mouth twitched. He finally opened his eyes and looked at Tang Qiang, “Are you sure you aren’t part of those reporters?” This non-stop interrogation method was in the same style as entertainment reporters.

  Tang Qiang’s eyes blinked. Even in this situation, he still was in the mood to make a joke. No wonder Emperor Mo had the title of Emperor; his psychological state was so strong. When he was being jointly attacked by the reporters, he even took the opportunity to cast a fishing net towards them. The most popular topic about the awards ceremony wouldn’t be about the winners of the awards, but instead about how Emperor Mo’s heart had found a home. It would definitely make a proper new headline tomorrow!

  ”Tang Qiang, what I said today doesn’t mean that I want to make our relationship public, I just want to see how she would respond.” He didn’t just want to see her reaction to finding out that he had someone he liked, there were more complicated things he wanted her to think about.

  He could see that Li Yan has a good impression of him; but not everyone can withstand the pressure of falling in love with a celebrity, not to mention someone outside of the entertainment circle.

  Today, he had just simply stated that he liked someone and yet the media had reacted with a huge outburst. If they were really together, even if they don’t make their relationship public, the pressure on her will only grow. Could she accept it?

  He needs to make Li Yan think clearly if she would like to be together with someone like him. Of course, the first thing she needs to think about before this is whether she likes him as a fan or someone who truly likes him.

  He didn’t want to jump directly into it without Li Yan thinking clearly about the matter.

  Tang Qiang’s thought process was obviously not in the same direction as Mo Zhen’s. He was more concerned about the impact on Mo Zhen’s image. So now after hearing him say this, he could only think about how this was a test of true love.

  Couldn’t you find a more low-key way to test each other? Did you have to make it so that everyone in the world needed to know before you could be happy? There was no need to show this much passion!

  After Mo Zhen was sent to his doorstep, Tang Qiang didn’t idle any longer and drove back. At that time, Li Yan had already returned. She scrolled through Weibo as she sat on the couch in the living room.

  Weibo was very lively. Nine of the ten weibo posts were about the development of Emperor Mo’s feelings. The beautiful scenery of the awards ceremony had already been completely covered by the topic of Emperor Mo’s affection.

  ”Boiling Lemon V: Since it has already reached this point, I’ll admit it. In fact, the person Emperor Mo was talking about is me. I hope everyone will bless us. :)”

  Li Yan: “…”

  She looked at this Weibo message that Chen Qingyang had just sent and replied, “The shameless person who knows their shame is close to bravery, and the person who has no sense of shame is almost brave.”

  Then, Chen Qingyang was not the only one to become a brave man.

  In one night, there were countless netizens jumping out and admitting that the person Mo Zhen was talking about was themselves. Even many big V accounts had participated in this game. The most unreasonable thing is that… The man named Guan Ran was a man, right? Why did he have to come and join the fun?

  Li Yan could foresee that after the wishing game, this would be the most popular game for the netizens for a while. There was no other like it.

  The sound of the door opening resonated in Li Yan’s ears, she turned her head slightly to see Mo Zhen walking in.


xixi V: since it has reached this point, i admit emperor mo is my husband hehehehehehhehe


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