Hello friends, xixi here, Yes, I am still alive. why hasn't xixi been translating :(? because she is being locked in her house slaving away to the SAT as school starts and going to work. rip xixi Some of you guys have been here since the beginning I started translating, back when i was in … Continue reading UPDATE

Chapter 62.1

  we got confirmed for the job!!! starting the week after next! $$$$ here i come, gotta save up for the university tuition next year Chapter 62.1 get ready for chapters coming this week!

Chapter 61.1

I think i got a job? I'm still waiting for them to finish reference checks though? I have drivers for four more days yall, rip me Chapter 61.1 In the living room, Chen Qingyangโ€™s body that had just been dancing for joy stiffened. Even the lights that were non-stop flashing on Mo Zhenโ€™s figure seem … Continue reading Chapter 61.1