After rejecting the Heavenly Emperor’s proposal to be his 69th concubine, the goddess of Fate, Ming Yun is exiled from the Heavenly Realm to live on Earth and reincarnates into the body of a beautiful forgotten princess who is sent to marry the crown pric584eb84a86c0e2f4ef19773e7d85745.jpgnce of the a powerful country.

Her punishment? To curse the fate of the one she falls in love with.


“You have forgotten,” She smiled softly as the gold beads dangled from her hair,

“I am not just a princess.” She said as she walked forward slowly, her head raised high and elegant as if all of the deities in Heaven had to submit to her will.

“I am a future queen.”


“You will love someone else in time,” She murmured, her clear eyes looking straight into his, unwavering, as if though her heart may have shatter, but her will and dignity never will.

He stared at her- silent. His eyes were not as clear as hers, nor were they as confident, yet every time she stared into them, she could see the ink in them, the black colours that swarmed together like a beautiful painting,

yes, they were the ink eyes that she had loved.


even if we must reincarnate thousands and thousands of times,

i promise you,

we will meet again. 


ink eyes.