Chapter 65.2

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Chapter 65.2

The photographer was fed up, “You’re looking at your boyfriend, not your homeroom teacher! Relax and smile a little sweeter!”

  Li Yan: “…”

  The editor-in-chief buried his face on the side. Only professionals would be qualified for these tasks.

  Mo Zhen rubbed Li Yan’s head and whispered in her ear, “Don’t be nervous, just look at me.”

  As if something had cast a spell on her, Li Yan raised her head and met a pairs of eyes that were as gentle as water. It was like a deep pool; it seemed as if her entire body was immersed in the water, falling deeper and deeper.

  The photographer quickly pressed the shutter. Even the dazzling flash made by the camera could not make Li Yan remove her gaze.

  ”Okay, we’re going to change position.” The photographer looked at the photo that was just taken and looked up again at Li Yan. “Sit on the chair over there. Emperor Mo will kiss your hair.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  This photographer used to shoot small yellow films!

(TN: small yellow = r 18 / porn videos)

  Li Yan went over to the chair to sit down in a well-behaved manner, Mo Zhen slightly bent down and placed a hand on the table. With the other hand, he picked up the strand of black hair on her chest and gently brought it to his lips.


As another burst of earth-shattering flashing occured, Li Yan’s heart could not stop racing. Mo Zhen was still in the act of kissing her hair. Li Yan felt that the kiss didn’t seem to be on her hair, but rather it felt as if it had touched the bottom-tip of her heart.

  Emperor Mo was indeed a movie star. Even if he was just taking a photo, he quickly brought Li Yan into character. The editor-in-chief stood aside, his gaze that stared at Li Yan quickly changed. Her feel of the camera was exceptional. Although she was a little stiff at first due to being nervous, but her later performance was remarkable.

  When Lisa came over with a gauze surrounding her forehead, the scene she saw was Mo Zhen circling Li Yan in his arms with the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

  She scrunched her eyebrows and walked over to her agent, “Ellen, who is that woman?”

  Ellen looked back at her, the corners of her mouth curled up in a cold arc, “Emperor Mo’s assistant.”

  ”Assistant?” Lisa couldn’t help but sneer. “When did TOMATO’s standards get so low?”

  ”She’s doing well. I even have the slight thought of signing her.” Not only did she look beautiful and talented, her debut work was a couple photoshoot with Emperor Mo. She was guaranteed to explode in popularity. Ellen felt increasingly tempted.

  Lisa looked at Ellen’s expression, her lips pursed tighter,  “Ellen, I’m fine now. The rest can be handed over to me.”

  Ellen looked at her with a funny expression and her eyes finally rested on the gauze surrounding her forehead, “How is your head?”

  ”It’s slightly injured. The doctor said that it shouldn’t leave any marks.” She looked in the direction of the studio again. It should be her in Mo Zhen’s arms at this moment!

  ”Lisa, you’ve missed your chance. Wait for the next time.” Ellen’s reply was not heavy or light. Lisa’s eyebrows tensed; in the end, she didn’t argue with her and left the studio.

  As the magazine shoot gradually came to an end, Li Yan changed into a total of four outfits. An Yi had done her makeup earlier and returned to the studio.

  ”All that’s left is the last set of photos.” The photographer seemed to be very happy, his expression smug as he faced Mo Zhen. “Emperor Mo, in a moment, can you kiss her forehead?”

  The last set of photos was for couple’s pajamas. If they didn’t do a good night kiss, it was embarrassing to tell others that they were wearing pajamas.

(TN: modern/something that’s more familiar to us but gives the same meaning : if they didn’t do a good night kiss, what was the point of wearing pajamas?)

  However, the photographer regretted it right after he asked. He was currently facing Emperor Mo, not a random model he could point his fingers at.

  Unexpectedly, not only was Mo Zhen not angry, he even replied with an OK gesture after staring blankly for a moment. The editor-in-chief stood aside and had the words “Universal celebration” written on his entire face. It was known that Emperor Mo had very few kiss scenes in movies. Now in a set of magazine photos, he had actually given them a kiss!

  He felt that he had to buy a lottery ticket today.

  Li Yan was a little cramped as she sat on the blanket spread on the floor. Mo Zhen looked back at her and smiled. “You just need to close your eyes, I’ll take care of the rest.”

  Li Yan: “…”

  *Your mother’s egg, now she was even more nervous!

(TN: ma-dan (mother egg , a swear word in chinese)

  The photographer adjusted the camera and raised his hand in front of Mo Zhen. Li Yan glanced at Mo Zhen’s face that was slowly becoming magnified in front of her. She shamefully closed her eyes. Her entire head was almost buried in her chest.

  Her chin was suddenly lifted. As Li Yan had not yet reacted, a kiss fell on her lips. This time, even the photographer next to them was stunned. The editor-in-chief’s footsteps were abrupt; he had only woke up from his dream at the violent clicking of the shutter.

  Li Yan thought that Emperor Mo was too powerful. He could always find opportunities to honourably and openly abuse his powers in immoral behavior.

  The photographer felt that he had made a profit today. He didn’t know how much money this scene could explode into! However, he had a thief’s heart without a thief’s courage. Emperor Mo was not someone he could face.

  About five seconds later, Mo Zhen pulled away from Li Yan’s lips, but did not loosen his grip on her chin. When Li Yan slowly opened his eyes, Mo Zhen’s magnified face appeared in front of her eyes. There was a faint pampering expression in the indifference of his eyebrows.

  The photographer was squeezing the shutter and constantly changing the angle. Judging from his experience, the photos of the kiss that had just been taken would not be published in the magazine. He might as well use his last chance to take a few more.

  After the shoot ended, the editor-in-chief came over with the agent, Ellen. Li Yan was still removing her makeup as Mo Zhen waited for her on the side. The editor-in-chief told them that they had worked hard, and then beamed from ear to ear at Li Yan, “I’m not sure if Miss Li was interested in being a print model?”

  Mo Zhen raised his head to stare at him. The latter was completely absorbed in trying to lobby Li Yan. “This is the agent of our magazine, Ellen. All of the people under her hands are famous models. I wonder if you are interested in signing with us?” “

  Signing? Mo Zhen’s mouth couldn’t help but turn into a slight sneer. If they wanted to sign somewhere, they wouldn’t necessarily sign with them. “Editor Zhu, if you sign her away, will you come to be my assistant?”

  Editor-in-Chief: “…”

  Emperor Mo was still… the same noble and cold Emperor Mo.

  This incident was quickly drawn to the end under Emperor Mo’s cold eyes. However handsome he came in, the editor-in-chief left just as quick.

  When they left Kai Huang, it was almost 7 o’clock. Mo Zhen went with Li Yan to eat outside. He glanced at Li Yan who was sitting next to him and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you short of money?”

  Li Yan was a little baffled by his question, “Not really ah.”

  Not really? Who was the one who had diligently went over for makeup after hearing the editor say that there would be a reward?

  ”Then why are you working so hard to save money?” Mo Zhen frowned. She wasn’t really planning to raise a small white face right, ah ah.

  ”Because… I am Taurus.”

  Mo Zhen: “…”

  Li Yan glanced at him and remembered the situation that occured a moment ago when his cold-expression had scared the editor away. She then asked, “Zhen Zhen, do you not like me doing this kind of work?”

  Mo Zhen did not immediately answer. He was silent for a moment and then replied, “If you want to develop in the entertainment industry, I’ll hold you.”

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