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Rare Treasures 《物以稀為貴》



Author: 阿白不白

Quick question and answer: after transmigrating, she found that even if she wanted to squat at the toilet, she had to first pass the examination and learn to become a dishonest official in the dynasty?

Xu Ran screams at the sky: fuck you, do not play me like this!

In the Great Zhou Dynasty, His Royal Highness Prince Zhou Jingzhao frowned as he stared at the drinking and eating petite figure not far from him and was somewhat puzzled: the world really had such a magical human being? She didn’t even know how to take a test?

After being conflicted for so long, His Royal Highness decided that such a magical person should remain by his side for further observation. However, after observing, he simply could not stop.
Xu Ran blinked: It’s called having the potential to grow, not magic.
His Royal Highness: No, you are a magical spirit that I cannot solve.
Xu Ran was speechless as she choked: As long as you are happy.

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*Has been proofread by Xixi, it is angst free, and is a pure sweet story, very funny.


Only Concubine (006cWpOxgw1ewhxxr0k4sj305k07s0ta.jpg獨寵)

author: 阿白不白

Before encountering Wo Sheng, Chen Hao never knew the joy of being deeply in love, a woman for him, was a small touch-makes-them-faint kind of existence.

After encountering Wo Sheng, Chen Hao found that he had wasted twenty-eight years of his life, hugging and holding in an intimate position, this seemed to be more captivating than being powerful.

“I have been married, and my husband has just died, you are not afraid of being killed by me?”

“Not afraid, marry.”


Xianggong, Please Divorce Me 《相公,請下休書》

author: 蘇行樂

On the surface, the story was AL217.jpglike this:

Since she discovered she would be married off to Song Shian, Su Tang was determined in her heart that within a month’s time she would write a divorce certificate!
For this, she had many reasons, but the most important one was that for a long time, his cold face has been unpleasing to her eyes!

But in fact, there was also such a story:

There are thunder, there was dog blood and more meat. Love buns, love food, also love to hide in the house.
Step out of the door to get rich, step into the house to do Madame! Who dares to disturb! Wait for a great punishment!

Xixi’s summary:

For her entire twenty years, Su Tang has had a rotten peach history, each of her soon-to-be-husbands have either died, eloped or have fallen terminally ill; even the matchmakers have given up on her.

But finally, just as she was ready to give up married life and become a full-fledged business woman managing her pastry shop, she is arranged to marry Song Shian, a great General, by the Emperor.

Taken hostage by the crown prince on her wedding day? I refuse, throw my wedding headset and knock him out!

This is a hilarious story about a woman who climbs over walls to go manage her pastry shop, and her husband who deeply questions everyday- what kind of strange woman did he marry?

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