Chapter 6

The director called cut and the scene quickly ended, Mo Zhen walked over to the rest area and picked up a bottle of sparking water from the table to drink.
Ah Yao drifted to Mo Zhen’s side and kindly reminded him: “You must rinse it in your mouth, and then spit it out.”

Mo Zhen’s mouth was filled with water, he was really tempted to spray Ah Yao’s face with water, but in the end his Adam’s apple slipped a bit, and with a “gulp”, he swallowed all of the water down his throat.

Seeing Mo Zhen sit down in his chair, Ah Yao also sat next to him on the floor, “That was Song Ni’s true motive, she just really wanted to kiss you.”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

What right did you have? You’re the one who always tries to watch me bathe!

As Mo Zhen sulked to himself, Ah Yao sat opposite of him, for the entire scene her eyes had been staring at the Song Ni who was stuck on Mo Zhen’s body, her two slender eyebrows wrinkled, “You don’t like that Song Ni right? I don’t like her either. ”

“I don’t like you,” Mo Zhen said coldly.

Ah Yao: “…”

She felt unhappy, very very unhappy, so she decided to take revenge on Song Ni.

She stared at Song Ni for a few seconds, just as when Song Ni was about to put the mineral water on her lips, “bang” the bottle had suddenly exploded and the transparent liquid inside was splashing out, pouring cold water onto Song Ni’s entire face.

The sudden change scared Song Ni so much that she started screaming, her high-pitched screams raised a lot of people’s eyebrows. The assistant stared at Song Ni’s drenched hair and quickly grabbed paper towels to help her wipe the water stains on her face.

Mo Zhen glanced at Song Ni, and then looked down at Ah Yao, who was squatting and laughing non-stop, he lifted his eyebrows slightly, “Was it you?”

“Ah.” Ah Yao looked at Song Ni whose makeup stained face could fit right into a ghost movie, and suddenly laughed cheerfully.

“You can do that?” Mo Zhen’s eyes flashed a touch of curiosity, “Speaking of which, why aren’t you afraid of light?” This morning he had wanted to ask her the same question; ghosts that were unafraid of light, this matter was too unscientific.

“Why should I be afraid of light? Because of the so-called natural selection and survival of the fittest, ghosts these days aren’t really afraid of light.”

Mo Zhen: “… …”

He felt that he really did not understand Darwin.

(Oh Mo Zhen I don’t understand Darwin either)

Tang Qiang walked over and vaguely heard Mo Zhen talking himself, he blinked and said to Mo Zhen: “Are you practicing lines again?”

“What else would I be doing?” Mo Zhen looked up, asked very righteously.

Tang Qiang chuckled, he handed Mo Zhen the things he was carrying, “These are the newspapers you wanted, you go ahead and care about the sufferings of people.”

Mo Zhen took the newspaper, casually should be said: “Zhen knows, you can leave now.”

Tang Qiang: “… …”

Was Mo Zhen considering acting in historical drama? Tang Qiang seriously thought that he should examine any new Emperor roles to see if there was one suitable for Mo Zhen.

Because Song Ni need to get her makeup redone and re-dress, the crew’s break time had been extended by half-an-hour. The rest of the shooting occurred with no problems; it was four o clock in the afternoon when the director finally dismissed the crew. Tang Qiang whistled when he saw Mo Zhen’s black Bentley and turned to talk to Mo Zhen: “Emperor Mo, are you driving back yourself, or should I send you back?”

“I can go back myself.” He put on the large brown sunglasses on his face, Mo Zhen’s face at that moment was hidden two thirds by the sunglasses. Ah Yao followed Mo Zhen from behind and and floated to the car. Just as Mo Zhen was closing the door, a knock came from the glass window.

He looked through the window and saw Song Ni smiling, Mo Zhen frowned, and impatiently rolled down the window, “What?”

“Brother, we got dismissed so early today, we should go eat a meal together.” Song Ni’s smile was very tempting; Ah Yao knew that only a few men in this world would dare to refuse this invitation.

However, Mo Zhen did not want to eat with this kind of person.

“I still have plans tonight, Miss Song, I advise you to find someone else to accompany you to eat.” Mo Zhen said and shut the window, started to pull the car out from the parking lot.

Some part of him admired Song Ni, even though his dislike of her had been quite obvious, but she could still pretend as if she could not see it, her perseverance was really quite strong.

Coming back home, Mo Zhen drove very quickly, but this Ah Yao was prepared so it was not as easy to throw her off. She managed to maintain the same speed as the car the entire time, Ah Yao even took the time to look at the scenery outside the window.

A city was the capital city of the province, had a large population, and steady economic development, high-rise buildings were built on both sides of the road. When they reached the city center, although it was still working hours, the streets still had quite a few people, Mo Zhen had to slow down the speed.

There was a large department store on the intersection, outside the stores there were many advertisement billboards, Ah Yao floated around above, so that she was in the best position to see Mo Zhen’s face on the billboards.

It was advertisement of Mo Zhen for a well-known clothing brand, next to his billboard, hung a billboard of Song Ni.

A Yao looked at the billboard, which was getting farther and farther away, and snorted. “Is that brand endorsing you and Song Ni?”

Mo Zhen glanced at the left side of the billboard, and snorted. From the time the endorsement began, Song Ni has always been lingering around him. Speaking of lingering, he watched as Ah Yao floated around- this was the true definition of lingering.

Ah Yao looked at only a small corner of the billboard, and breathed a sigh of relief “That brand of clothes will not sell well.” Anyway, if it were her, she would not buy the clothes Song Ni endorsed.

Mo Zhen listened to what Ah Yao said and unconsciously smiled, because it was exactly the same as what he had thought. Although the company wished to borrow his name to gain more followers for Song Ni, his fans would not buy it, they would rather buy it from handsome men, and did not want to buy it from a woman.

It was not yet six o’clock when they got home, Mo Zhen turned on the TV as he laid down on the sofa and picked up the newspaper that Tang Qiang had gotten for him. He quickly read the newspaper and did not see any important news, and left it on the coffee table.

Ah Yao drifted around Mo Zhen, looking down at him, “You don’t eat at night?”

Mo Zhen closed his eyes, his voice was lazy and low: “Is it your business?”

Ah Yao glared at him and floated directly to the refrigerator, opening the refrigerator door.

The result was completely opposite than what she had thought, Mo Zhen’s refrigerator was neat and stored a large amount of food- these were all groceries Tang Qiang had brought for Mo Zhen every week.

“You have so much food in your fridge, why don’t you eat it?” Ah Yao returned to the living room and asked as she stared at Mo Zhen.

“Don’t want to.” Mo Zhen turned his body so that his back was towards Ah Yao.

“I just saw that there is a lot of cooked food in your fridge, as long as you heat it with a microwave, it’s fine to eat.” Ah Yao drifted to sit opposite of Mo Zhen and laid on the sofa as she watched Mo Zhen.

Mo Zhen opened his eyes slightly and looked at Ah Yao, “You can’t remember who you are, but you can remember these useless things?”

“How are they useless!” Ah Yao looked at Mo Zhen, “These are all life skills, skills!”

Mo Zhen looked at her, “Life skills? Are you even alive?”

Ah Yao: “…”

Ah Yao angrily gave the sofa a kick while Mo Zhen looked calmly at the white slender legs that went though the sofa.

When she finally gave up ignoring Mo Zhen, Ah Yao drifted into the kitchen and took some of the cooked food out of the refrigerator. Mo Zhen looked at his plate plate floating in the air, he raised his eyebrow, “If you break it, you’ll have to compensate.”

Ah Yao snorted, the microwave door automatically opened and she placed the food inside.

The time was set to three minutes as Ah Yao happily waited. When she heard the “Ding!” sound, Ah Yao excitedly shouted: “You can eat it now!”

Mo Zhen finally sat up from the sofa and went to the kitchen to take food out from the microwave.

When the food was set on the table, Mo Zhen opened a chair and sat down. Ah Yao sat opposite of him and helplessly looked at him. Five minutes later, Mo Zhen could not take it any linger, “Are you hungry?”

Ah Yao sniffed, and said bitterly: “I cannot eat.”

“Glad you know,” Mo Zhen said, putting the food into his mouth.

Ah Yao: “…”

It was a very rare for Mo Zhen to clean up the kitchen, he then walked up to the second floor. Ah Yao was like a small tail and followed him, floating on the second floor.

Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows, but did not tell her to leave.

Mo Zhen walked into his room, opened his laptop and searched the internet for the latest hottest news, and finally landed on the website Taobao.

The website had many of his favourite snack shops and since most of it was overseas purchasing, the credibility of it was very high. Mo Zhen was now dedicated to … … shopping for snacks.

Mo Zhen clicked all of the flavors of the ice cream pudding and checked out.

Ah Yao looked at him strangely and carefully asked, “Do you like to eat this?” Wasn’t this more popular with children? And he even bought all of the flavors!

“I only like the lemon and mango flavor.” Mo Zhen exited the checkout, looked at another snack shop and continued to buy his favourite snacks.

“Why did you buy all the flavors?” She roughly estimated that the pudding had ten flavors.

“I just wanted to get them together.”

Ah Yao: “…”

“Oh.” She chuckled a few times, “Buying an entire set can summon a dragon? Sellers adore buyers like you who have OCD about this stuff.”

Mo Zhen had an “I have OCD about this and I’m proud of it” expression, and selected some more food and then finally closed the page.

Then he opened the microblogging app.

When he clicked his own account, Mo Zhen found himself the object of a huge news storm.

Song Ni V: “God Forbidden Zone 3” the first day of shooting, was kissed by the Great God. Shy】 【shy】 【shy】 Mo Zhen

Mo Zhen raised his eyebrows, and looked at the still of Gao Sen kissing Nessa’s hand, and waited for the scolding from his fans to begin. (a still is like a picture from a scene)

The post had been made around four o’clock in the afternoon, but in just two hours, the number of forwards and replies have broken thirty thousand. Mo Zhen frowned and opened the comments section, the entire comments section was mostly made of Mo Zhen’s own fans angrily jumping and scolding Song Ni.

“FML! Hope our Male God’s mouth is okay! (#` ‘) ”

“Poor Gao Sen, kissing Song Ni on the hand is even worse than contracting the bloody virus.”

“Gave them a basket of cucumbers, and the crew had to add her to the scene.” (I think it’s referring to the money Kai Huang had invested for Song Ni to be in the film)

“Song Ni is already headed towards her downfall, save yourself some face okay?”

“This is my year’s worth of laughter, please accept it, you don’t have to thank me.”

“When did the illegitimate daughter have such a high profile, does your father know?”

“Why hasn’t Song already been kicked out of the entertainment industry? !!!”

“God Mo Zhen, I recommend XX brand mouthwash, strong removal of residual bacteria in the mouth! Hope it’s not too late! QAQ”

“Come look carefully, from the angle of this picture it can be seen that God Mo actually kissed his own thumb! # Please call me Emperor of observation#”

“(⊙ v ⊙) If you open your eyes wide enough, it really is true! Giving God Mo 320 points worth of praise ~ \\ (≧ ▽ ≦) / ~”

“# God Mo has his own set of special kissing skills #”

Each time Song Ni posted something related to Mo Zhen on Weibo, it would leave countless fans slobbering. But Song Ni, this person seemed to enjoy the abuse in particular, the more people scolded her, the more energetic and happier she was.

Holding back the impulse to post a statement condemning Song Ni’s behavior, Mo Zhen with “pop” sound closed the computer. He sat in his chair for a while and used his phone to check the time, then he went back to the first floor living room.

It was the major television broadcast news period, Mo Zhen changed the channel to the local news station, and listened to the newscasters wearing suits chatter non-stop.

“You like to read the news?” Ah Yao curiously looked at Mo Zhen, she felt that it would make sense if Mo Zhen was interested in the entertainment news, but whether it was newspapers or television, he was only interested in what was happening in the country.

Mo Zhen glanced at Ah Yao, but did not answer. When the news broadcast finished, the phone had just rung.

Mo Zhen picked up the phone and looked at the caller ID, it was Xiang Yunze.


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