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Chapter 196: With Husband Standing Behind You, Kill Whoever You Want!

Song Wuyou waited until the cars blocking in front were driven away before ordering Xu Jing: “Drive.”

“Oh…” Xu Jing’s voice was still a little shaky, her body trembling. She spent quite a while before she managed to start the engine, and due to nervousness, her foot stamped a little too heavy on the gas pedal, causing the car to jump forward.

“Get away!”

“Quickly, chase! Get Big bro back safe!”

“Miss, they’re coming after us!” Watching the cars in hot pursuit at the back, cold sweat trickled down Xu Jing’s forehead.

Song Wuyou kept her hands firmly on the manㄧone arms locking the man while the other kept the gun pointed at his temple. “Let them chase, their Big bro is in my hand. They won’t dare to knock our car. Drive faster, don’t panic.”

“O…” Although Xu Jing answered agreeably, in fact she was terrified. She was practically shivering down to the core of her heart. Moreover, today was the first day she’d driven such a high-end car, its functions and whatever… she hasn’t gotten used to them yet. She was already nervous, but now that she’s being pursued by fierce killers, how could she remain calm?!

“Gu Yanhao!” Song Wuyou suddenly called out loudly.

The mobile’s screen flashed, and Gu Yanhao’s voice sounded: “I’m here! Haven’t left at all!” Gu Yanhao’s intestines turned green with regret for making this trip. She was in danger yet he wasn’t at her side.

“If I kill someone, what will happen?” A cold light gleamed in Song Wuyou’s eyes as she asked.

The man glared fiercely at Song Wuyou at her question. If he really died in the hands of a woman today, even in hell he would feel ashamed.

Gu Yanhao blanked for a moment before his icy voice replied through the speaker, “Go ahead and kill. Your husband is behind you, kill whoever you want!”

Song Wuyou: “Will I do jail time?”

Gu Yanhao was firm and confident: “No!”

Song Wuyou smiled bewitchingly at the man, “Are you afraid of death?”

“What’s there to be afraid of?” the man scoffed. His gaze grew more ferocious with his obvious dissatisfaction at being held at gunpoint by a woman. He has been walking the jianghu for so long, but this was his first time being tripped by a woman.  He didn’t expect her to be so lethal, looking at that thin weak figure.

“You’re not afraid of death, just dissatisfied for falling into my hands?” Song Wuyou sneered.  A flicker of surprise flitted in the man’s eyes. How could she know what he was thinking in his mind?

“Don’t provoke me. If I fall into a bad mood, I can blast your head off with a bullet. You’ve heard it yourself, I can kill whomever I want, no need to go to jail. My husband will clean up the mess.”

“Do you know who my husband is? Gu Yanhao. The person even the incumbent President needs to give face to.”

Hearing that, ripples of apprehension crossed the man’s heart.

Gu Yanhao had just arrived in the airport when he heard the conversation on the other side. His footsteps paused, his heartbeat suddenly accelerating inexplicably.  Somehow, that anxious worry disappeared, to be replaced by a small feeling of joy. A trace of gentleness appeared on his hard chiseled face.

“Ahㅡ” An abrupt sharp scream sounded.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed at the sudden change, his heart stuck in his throat in suspense.

“Song Wuyou!”

Bangㅡ! Bangㅡ! Bangㅡ!


The reply he got was noises of cars crashing and fearful screams. Gu Yanhao paled, shouting into the mobile: “Song Wuyouㅡ!!” His voice echoed throughout the airport.

Anxious to avoid the car coming towards her, Xu Jing stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake due to her nervousness. Losing control of the steering wheel, the car swerved off road, right into the woods -* and below the woods was a spiky terrain of cliffs. After Song Wuyou’s car crashed into the woods, the other car that crossed the lane quickly got back on track and sped away. The driver was still jittery as he asked the man at the back, “Young Master Cheng, that car, it seems it crashed down the cliff. Should we stop and check?”

The one referred to as Young Master Cheng shot the driver an icy gaze: “Shut up!”

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