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Chapter 44: Cold Sneer Hanging at Her Mouth

If someone was to ask her, what type of zither was this, how should she answer?

This Uncle Yang was also another strange one, if he wanted to send a zither over, shouldn’t he call first?

At the very least he should have informed her what kind of zither he was sending over ah….

Staring dumbly at the zither in front of her, Song Jiuyue was really at a loss at what kind of zither was lying in front of her.

“Jiuyue, why aren’t you playing? Everyone’s getting impatient waiting for you.” Seeing Song Jiuyue showed no indication of taking any further action, Mrs. Song urged her, getting impatient herself as well.

“The strings arrangement on this zither are a little complicated.” Song Jiuyue explained a little embarrassedly as she looked towards the surrounding audience.

“A little complicated? What does that mean?”

Mrs. Song walked up and questioned with a bewildered expression, “Aren’t you very good at zither, what kind of strings so complicated that you cannot play even one song?”

“Mom, I only know a little, what do you mean by very good…” Song Jiuyue frowned, a tiny light of annoyance flickered in her eyes, but it vanished as soon as it appeared thus it went unnoticed.

Mrs. Song who was standing beside her and stooped down to ‘check’ the ‘zither’, “Isn’t this a zither?”

Song Jiuyue was not so sure herself, “Should be a zither, probably.”

Mrs. Song immediately understood her daughter really did not know how to play this ‘zither’.

Her expression considerably changed, “Maybe it is a unique kind of zither.”

She wanted to let Song Jiuyue come down gently.

“En, it probably is.” Song Jiuyue nodded.

Hearing this, Song Wuyou’s lips curved up in a ridicule sneer.

Didn’t everyone say Song Jiuyue was a beauty with brains and talents?

Yet she could not even tell the difference between a zither and Chinese harp in front of her?

It was understandable if she did not know but pretending to know, putting on a show of ‘rising to the occasion’ and play a song.

‘What a joke!’

Gu Yanhao was sitting beside to her, and as his head turned slightly, he caught a glimpse of the expression on her face.

Seeing her focusing intently on the ‘zither’, a contemptuous sneer hanging at the corner of her mouth, Gu Yanhao was stunned for a second.

This Song Wuyou felt like a stranger to him.

The sneer on her mouth was chilling to those who saw it, and the look in her eyes was nonchalant, yet it exposed a trace of undisguised disdain.

The her like this bore an aura stronger than any women present here.

As if, she possessed the knowledge of everything and understood everything…..

Initially, Song Jiuyue had wanted to take the opportunity to give up, she raised her head hoping Gu Yanhao’s attention was on her but she saw Gu Yanhao, his attention was on Song Wuyou. Her heart lurched at the sight.

Her gaze slowly moved towards Song Wuyou and met with Song Wuyou’s cold mocking gaze.

Her gaze followed with difficulty, shifting on Song Wuyou, and in the next second, she was stumped. Song Wuyou was looking at her with mocking in her eyes.

Song Jiuyue blanked. That look was filled with provocation and ridicule as if she was watching a joke, and the joke was on her.

She gritted her teeth secretly; this Song Wuyou, actually dared to taunt her, laugh at her?

Song Jiumei felt the changes in Song Jiuyue’s mood and followed her line of sight.
Song Jiumei frowned: this slut, did she want to see her dajie embarrassed?

Suddenly, Song Jiumei’s eyes lit up, and announced to everyone, “I think it would be nicer if everyone listens to my younger sister, her skills can be described as the sounds of nature.”

After Song Jiumei said this, all eyes that had been waiting eagerly suddenly zoomed in Song Wuyou’s direction in one swift move.

When Song Jiumei was speaking, Song Wuyou erased any trace of mockery from her face.

Acting like she was nervous, there were even signs that she badly wanted to flee from the scene as she displayed a stupefied face for Song Jiumei’s benefit.

Mrs. Song knew at once that Song Wuyou did not know how to play just by her expression alone.

Gu Yanhao’s eyebrow rose watching her nervous reaction, and then his gaze fell on Song Jiumei.

This woman, is she deliberately letting his wife lose face in front of so many people?

Others might not know if Song Wuyou could play the zither or not, but Gu Yanhao on the other hand, was very well aware the extent of her skills.

Song Wuyou possessed no other skills but being his stalker, not to mention something like playing zither.

“Wuyou, come and play a song for everyone.” Song Jiumei came over and pulled Song Wuyou up from her seat.

“She doesn’t know how!” Gu Yanhao suddenly reached out, grabbing Song Wuyou’s arm as he directed an icy glare at Song Jiumei.

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