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Chapter 134: She Can’t See Herself Liking Such Scheming Woman.

“How is their relationship?” Song Wuyou asked.

“Mu Gu said it was quite good. The Cheng Family even plan to conduct their wedding ceremony after Mu Xin graduates from University.”

“En.” Song Wuyou noted the happy smiling face on Mu Xin. If there really was such a thing as a past and a present life, then she hoped that in this life Mu Xin could live happily.

On the other side, while Mu Xin was chatting happily, Mrs. Jier caught a glimpse of Song Wuyou. At that moment something tugged strongly at her core, as if someone used a sharp needle and pricked her heart. Mrs. Jier’s actions stiffened slightly as she observed Song Wuyou from afar with a small frown on her delicate brows. Why would her heart become flustered looking at this woman? This sudden feeling was strange to her. Song Wuyou and Mrs. Jier’s eyes met.

Song Wuyou’s gaze was nonchalant and shifted away a second later, whereas Mrs. Jier saw that she was with Gu Yanhao and enquired of Mu Xin, “Who is that woman accompanying Young Master Gu? What an exquisite child.”

Mu Xin turned around and saw Song Wuyou, and a trace of disdain flashed in her eyes as she bluntly stated: “Song Wuyou, Young Master Gu’s wife.”

“I heard that Young Master Gu married Wuyou, but I didn’t expect his wife to be so beautiful,” Mrs. Jier complimented with a kind smile.

Hearing that, Mu Xin spared another glance in Song Wuyou’s direction. Today, Song Wuyou was wearing a lavender frock. Long hair reaching her waist, complementing the soft lavender frock, made her look exactly like a spiritual fairy.

Mu Xin pursed her lips. The Song Wuyou today was indeed as beautiful as a fairy, but the instant she thought of her bad reputation, Mu Xin couldn’t bring herself to like this woman with the stunning outward appearance. Perfect on the outside, but so ugly in the insideㅡin order to become Young Master Gu’s woman, resorting to all sorts of despicable methods… She was unable to like this type of scheming woman.

There would, of course, be dancing and music on a grand scale at such a party. On the stage, the performers were showcasing their talents.

Song Jiuyue came wearing a long black evening gown. Wearing black from head to toe added a hint of classiness to her. Arriving at her side was Song Jiumei. Song Jiumei was dressed in a white evening gown. Coupled with her fair smooth skin, she was another beauty.

Having just arrived, and the first thing Song Jiuyue saw was Song Wuyou with her arm interlinked with Gu Yanhao’s arm. Seeing that the simple attire didn’t diminish Song Wuyou’s elegance, a cold gleam shone in Song Jiuyue’s eyes. She had labored through every detail of today’s outfit so that she could triumph over Song Wuyou, but Song Wuyou’s simple dress brought out an inexplicable charm and allure.

No doubt, Song Jiuyue hated this fact, and was jealous as well. This damned slut, how come a mere accident changed her so much?

“Jiuyue, you’re here?” Mu Xin walked over, welcoming Song Jiuyue warmly.  In Mu Xin’s mind, Song Jiuyue was a capable and talented woman, just like a wonderful elder sister.

“Not only am I here, I even made a dress as a present for you,” Song Jiuyue said and passed the wrapped present to Mu Xin.

Mu Xi exclaimed happily, “I like the dresses you design the most!” After she said that, Mu Xin opened up the present like an excited kid, taking out the dress inside.  “Wah, it’s beautiful.” Seeing the dress was similar to the one that won the fashion championship, Mu Xin was delighted. She even put the dress in front of her body and tried imagining herself in it.

“It’s beautiful!” On Mu Xin’s face, her joy was apparent. Beautiful dress and a beautiful person, a combination that quickly attracted much attention.

Those celebrities who paid attention to the latest fads approached Mu Xin and Song Jiuyue, “This dress, could it be the winning design in the fashion competition?”

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