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Chapter 147: Turned Into A Habit

Once someone took lead and spoke up, there would always be a second person. Especially those several middle-aged women in that clique. They used the harshest and ugliest words to criticize Song Jiuyue.

Of course, Song Jiuyue would never admit it, but her action of raising her hand to Song Wuyou was spotted by some people, thus, even if she jumped into the Yangtze River proclaiming innocence, no one would believe her.

Under Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu’s search effort, not forgetting the deck hands, Song Wuyou was rescued in expedited time. Gu Yanhao surfaced, drenched in seawater, drops of water falling from his hair, face, and the edges of his clothes as he carried a just-as-drenched unconscious Song Wuyou. When Gu Yanhao came out of the water, he swept a demon-chilling glance at Song Jiuyue.

When Song Jiuyue saw the look in his eyes, she had a sudden premonition as if she was staring at the day of her death. She was terrified, turning a ghastly shade of white.

By the time Song Wuyou regained consciousness, she could tell she was already in the hospital.

Gu Yanhao had been by her side the entire time. Noticing her eyes moving and opening, he reached out to hold her hand. A trace of gentleness flashed across those sharp penetrating eyes.

“You’re awake?” His voice was extremely low, flowing with touching concern,

Song Wuyou watched him, “You brought me to the hospital?” She loathed the coldness of the place and the smell of disinfectant. It always made her think of the Cold Palace.

“You were lucky that you received treatment in the nick of time.” A little later, and she would have succumbed to acute pneumonia.

By the time he dove into the sea, she was washed away by the strong current. In that moment, he was truly frightened. Fear filled every inch of his heart.

He didn’t want her to die!

It was also the moment that he understood his own feelings, that she must be there at his side! Not to say how crazy he was in love with her, but because she clung to him. From the time she was thirteen until now, she had become an irreplaceable presence in his lifeㅡ

On normal days when she was all clingy, he felt annoyed. When all of it stopped one day, his heart suddenly noticed an absence, an emptiness that made him restless. At this moment, he missed her old antics, her nagging, her clinging…

A fleeting sadness flickered past Song Wuyou’s eyes. She used to be good with water. When they were at war in her past life, to explore the enemy’s movements she hid in the water for more than an hour without any complications. Dongfang Xuan used to make fun of her using this, saying she was actually a fish. But, the original host was physically weak. Furthermore, she didn’t even know how to swim. When she fell into the sea, she was already whisked away by the current before she could do anything. Choking on several mouthfuls of seawater, a burst of pain hit her head and she fainted.

Weak, too weak.

Song Wuyou made a resolution to improve her strength! You’ve got the world when you’ve got health! Another thing she loathed was this meek and weak body.

Gu Yanhao caught the glimpse of sadness in her eyes and thought it was due Song Jiuyue pushing her into the water. He tightened his hold on her hand reassuringly, “I saw it, don’t worry, I will make Song Jiuyue apologize to you.”

Song Wuyou pretended she did not understand what he was saying. Confused and puzzled she inquired, “Saw what?”

The room seemed to freeze, “It was Song Jiuyue who pushed you into the sea.”

“She did not push me.” Song Wuyou rebuked.

Gu Yanhao was dazed for a moment, dumbfounded as he looked at Song Wuyou. He did not expect she would be speaking for Song Jiuyue.

Song Wuyou looked at him, “Song Jiuyue thought it was me who drugged Song Jiumei, ruining the Song Family’s reputation. She wanted to hit me so I moved to avoid her, but my heels slipped, I lost balance and fell backward. Don’t know why I ended up falling into the sea.”

“Whether she pushed you or hit you, she is in the wrong.” Gu Yanhao’s indifferent eyes became colder.

The videos of Song Jiumei’s wardrobe malfunction at the party spread like wildfire on the internet.

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