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Chapter 48: Her Body’s Still Weak, Not Allowed to Drink

Song Jiuyue’s heart was already fiery being brusquely brushed off in this kind of manner by him, and the icing on the cake was, the rival being none other than the slut Song Wuyou.

However, in the presence of so many eyes focusing on them, this time around she did not have the liberty to vent her anger on Song Wuyou so blatantly.

Ignoring Song Jiuyue, Song Wuyou walked straight to Old Grandfather Gu’s side, grinning as she asked, “Grandfather, did the song I played please your ears?”

Needless to say, Old Grandfather Gu was very happy. He was smiling from ear to ear as he exclaimed, “It was wonderful! Wuyou, you really hid quite deep ah.”

Song Wuyou gave a modest smile, “Didn’t Grandfather say before that, a person should keep a low profile.”

“Right! One should keep a low profile!”

But, when had she ever been ‘low profile’?

“Only put on a high profile when working.” Old Grandfather Gu held Song Wuyou’s hand and led her towards Gu Yanhao, “Yanhao, when you are free, bring Wuyou back to the old house, so she can accompany me and play some songs.”

“I understand, Grandfather.” Gu Yanhao’s eyes were focused on Song Wuyou as he replied.

“If Grandfather likes to hear it, how about I just move back to the old house and stay with Grandfather instead?” Song Wuyou suggested coyly while smiling.

Hearing her proposal, Gu Yanhao’s eyes darkened at once.

His thin lips moved but Old Grandfather Gu was a step ahead of him, “Silly child, what to do about Yanhao if you move back to the old house? Husbands and wives stays together, of course you must live together with Yanhao.”

Song Wuyou stole a quick glance at Gu Yanhao whereas in her heart, she was thinking; Perhaps there’s people who doesn’t want to live with me.

“Mrs. Gu, what is the song you’ve played just now called?”

“That song is really nice to hear, can you please teach my daughter?”

At this time, several ladies had come over with smiling faces, hoping to connect with Song Wuyou.

They had always heard rumors claiming Song Wuyou has an arrogant and willful personality, but the person they saw today was nothing like that ah…

Especially the way she looked when she was playing the Chinese harp earlier, just like an immortal fairy stretching on the clouds, elegant and charming.

“It is called ⟪The Last Flag of Banana Leaf⟫.

“If I am free, it’s my pleasure to teach your daughter.”

Song Wuyou answered these madames one by one gracefully.

Had not they always claimed she was rude? Had no grace?

She would make them choke at their own words!

The lady broke in a wide smile hearing Song Wuyou’s promise, “Then, can you leave your phone number?”

Song Wuyou gave her an embarrassed smile, “My mobile was damaged in the car accident, and I haven’t had the time to get a replacement. How about this, I’ll give you my maid’s number.”

Gu Yanhao’s face changed color hearing her explanation. His cold gaze fell on Song Wuyou and a hint of displeasure flashed across his eyes.

In situations like this, weren’t you supposed to give out your husband’s phone number?

Instantly, Song Wuyou transformed into a popular figure, taking away all the limelight, making Song Jiuyue’s heart feel so depressed and angry.

She shifted her position a little, facing Song Wuyou from an angle and cursed her ‘slut’ inwardly a million times.

“Wuyou, I didn’t expect you would know how to play a Chinese harp, you are so amazing ah!” Song Jiumei approached with her hands holding two glasses of wine with a bright smile.

She passed one of the glasses to Song Wuyou, “This is a high alcohol content brandy, do you dare to try?”

What a joke! In the years she had been in the battlefield, she and her barrack brothers would gulp white wine[1] down by the bowls.

Nonchalant, she took the glass.

“One shot. Dare?” Song Jiumei’s smile grew more brilliant.

The smile on Song Wuyou’s face did not faltered as she looked at Song Jiumei; regarding this person, the original host’s memories were intact.

According to the original host’s memory, Song Jiumei would never smile so nicely at her.

Something’s definitely not right!

Song Wuyou’s eyes slowly shifted to the glass in her hands, and squinted her eyes in deep thought.

Noticing her cautious expression, Song Jiumei thought she did not dare to drink strong liquor.

“Wuyou, don’t tell me that you don’t even dare to drink brandy?” so old, the same trick again.

“Who said I don’t dare to drink?” Song Wuyou looked up and glared at Song Jiumei with annoyance, “Am I such a coward?”

“Since you dare, then cheers.”

Song Jiumei’s glass knocked against Song Wuyou’s glass lightly.

“Her body’s still weak, no drink for her.” Just as Song Wuyou was about to tip the glass against her lips, Gu Yanhao approached from the side and snatched the glass away.

[1] Ancient Chinese’s White Wine has high level of alcohol content and it is very strong and burns when it slides down the throat.

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